About Us

Geraldine Mahood








Passion and enthusiasm in Real Estate and in helping people reach their goals and dreams has brought me to embrace the Re/Max concept and has challenged me to further my personal and business growth in this company of other successful and talented entrepreneurs.

I pride myself on my business ethics, completely built on hard work, honesty, integrity and professionalism combined with a positive winning attitude.

My wealth of experience in this industry has made me your #1 negotiator and a proud achiever of the most covered Re/Max Titan, Chairman’s, Hall of Fame, Platinum, Executive, 100% Club and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

I am looking forward to going the extra mile for you!


Patrick G. Bernier








Hailing from Montréal, QC, Patrick Bernier knows about big cities. Having lived Kitchener-Waterloo for the last 10 years,   as Waterloo Region grows, Patrick can certainly help you navigate and locate the best spots and homes for you and your cherished ones.

With years of experience under his belt coupled with his excellent customer service Patrick has been recognized the past few years with the Re/Max 100% Club Award.

Ready guide you through the steps of buying in this wild, wild west of a market; Patrick is looking forward to helping you find your gem!


Joshua Lance








Originating from the North and having a laid back vibe, with passion for the outdoors; I find it helps to step back and look at every opportunity with patience and an open mind.

Bringing a wealth of experience with marketing and sales, I am always looking forward to the next challenge, and strive to learn something new every day.

My promise to you is to guide you through the process, be there when you need me, and to continue a relationship, not just during this exciting experience, but also after.